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Phil Met Foxy on a Free Online Dating Site


Phil is normally a very dot the I’s, cross the T’s type of person. I don’t know if it is because of his busy schedule or what, but for some reason he didn’t do his due diligence involving his online dating.

When Phil met Foxy on a free online dating site, like others do she did not have a photo, No photo is always a huge red flag to me, and I did not hesitate to fox notell Phil just what I thought. People that do not have a photo many times are trying to hide something and that can be a problem. Phil didn’t see that way at all and said he could ask her to text him a photo. Well, she never did! Instead, she would send ones of famous people with red hair and a caption saying “I look like her lol.” After about a week of texting and talking on the phone Phil asked Foxy to meet him at a sports bar near her home.

Foxy had told him to look for a foxy red head with a blue shirt and jeans. As soon as he walked through the door, he saw a very attractive tall red head Phil walked up and said “Hi Foxy, you really are foxy.” The very sexy lady replied in a British voice “No I am not and you had better leave before my husband gets back from the loo.” Phil apologized and politely excused himself.

On his way out the door, Phil meets Foxy, which does have red hair. That was the only thing truthful in the description of herself. Phil didn’t want to meet the other red heads husband he suggested they go out to dinner. Foxy explained that they needed to go to her place so she could change into a nicer outfit for dinner.

Upon their arrival at her apartment, a 6 year old comes running up to Phil with a big smile and open arms saying “Are you my new Daddy?” Phil explained he was just a friend but was wondering how many men this poor boy has asked that question to. Foxy returned very quickly, hiding something behind her back. To Phil’s surprise she asked him, “Do you want to do a line of coke or smoke a joint before we go?” Phil very quickly explained he does not do drugs of any type nor does he ever want to. He told Foxy he had gotten a text while she was changing and needed to get home. As Phil put it, that was the end his 3/8ths date with Foxy.



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