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The Crazy Psychiatrist





Barbie called and told me she decided it was time I started dating, and she had found this fabulous man for me. He is a very well known, published and respected psychiatrist. He also owns several facilities in multiple states. She asked me if she could give him my number, and I said sure, what do I have to lose? He called me, and we ended up talking on the phone for a couple weeks and I must admit, he seemed pleasant, so I decided to join him for lunch.

Every time we tried to make plans, things came up that were acts of God, and we had to keep rescheduling. I should have noticed those acts of God and recognized them as possible God Winks trying to tell me, “don’t go dear, run, run very fast in the other direction.” I did not follow my God Winks and eventually went on the lunch date. Oh Lord, one day I will learn to listen to you better!

Screenshot-24When I first arrived everything, seemed very normal. He was a bit shorter and older than I was, but that was not a big problem. As we talked, I noticed he was a very intelligent man. Every question he asked, I could tell was asked for a reason. I can think, talk, and eat all at the same time so once again no problem. You can ask anyone that knows me; I am very rarely at a loss for words.

His questions started to become more and more intrusive, so I decided to turn the tables on him and ask him personal questions as well. He is like many other men who love to talk about themselves and all of their accomplishment. I learned a lot about serial killers during that lunch date as well as some of the famous patients he had written about.

The subject eventually turned to his ex-wives and the subsequent divorces including the fights, even the one that involved frozen embryos. At that point, he said he could understand why serial killers do what they do and how they justify their actions logically. At that point, I knew I needed to eat faster and get out of that restaurant.

As the waiter is refilling my water glass, out of nowhere the crazy psychiatrist asked me if I would marry him, and if I did, he offered to pay me a large amount of money. He stated he liked my mind and the fact that I could process thoughts while at the same time, I could talk and I was fully aware of my surroundings. He needed a partner that would accompany him to social functions and be able to keep him aware of everything going on. To say the least, the waiter almost spilled water all over the table, and I almost choked on my food.

I told him currently I was not interested or looking for marriage, and now would be a good time to end this lunch date. He seemed to get very agitated with my response and asked that I stay a while as he ate dessert. I was starting to wonder if I was sitting next to Hannibal Lecter?

When dessert came he was upset the waiter did not bring two forks. I couldn’t believe he actually thought I would share dessert with him! That was the last straw, and I thanked him for lunch and got up to leave. He grabbed my hand and asked when we could have another date. To which my response was “I don’t think that would be possible.”

About a week later he started calling and pleading for another date. He then offered to help my cousin’s wife get leads for a job because she is a counselor and he even offered to interview her. I told her about my experience with him but since jobs are hard to find these days she still wanted to go. When she arrived, she found him dressed in a sweat suit and another layer of clothes on top of that. None of his leads ever turned out to be anything helpful as my cousin had expected. She was disappointed…., but back to the story. He continued to call me, and I sent his calls straight to voicemail and thank goodness for voicemail!

Six months later I purchased a new phone and the transfer of my address book and phone numbers did not transfer into my new phone’s address book, so his phone number and so many others were lost.

One day I was in Arkansas at a family reunion my phone rang. I did not know the number, so I answered, discovering it was the crazy psychiatrist, I quickly hung up the phone. Then he started calling multiple times a day, and with every voicemail he left, he became angrier. One day at my cousin’s house, I once again answered a call without knowing who was on the end. Due to the expression on my face, my cousin’s husband asked me who was on the phone I replied, “the crazy psychiatrist.” Then I looked down at the phone and realized I had not hung up the phone yet. Fortunately for me, I have never heard from this man again.

I finally decided to call Barbie, and I tell her how odd he was. She said he was a friend of her husbands, and she would talk to him. A couple days later she called and admitted her husband didn’t even know him, he just knew him through a friend.

The moral to this story is if your friend is setting you up on a blind date MAKE SURE they know them!


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