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The Cross Dresser




While checking my online dating site, I received a wink and an email. I clicked to see the profile of the gentleman. The photo was of what looked like an attractive female. I am a very curious person and just had to see what was going on. The first thing I read was that this gentleman was a cross dresser…

Reading the rest of his profile, he seemed to be a very nice Christian man that just happens to like to wear women’s clothes. I emailed him to say thank you for the wink and the very kind words. I ended the e-mail explaining to him that I don’t think we would be a good match. His response back to me stated, “I understand, I get that a lot. I haven’t had a date in over 4 years.” That touched my heart. I felt compelled to tell this nice man that he needs to overhaul his approach to improve his chances of finding the right woman.

He is a very attractive man and the words in his profile were great. I suggested he tweak his profile a bit and maybe he would have better luck getting dates. We live in one of the biggest cities in the US and there has to be someone out there just for him.

That was the beginning of our week-long revision of his profile. We looked at everything section by section. He wanted to be upfront with women about his style of clothing choices. In the past, there have been women who responded to his lifestyle by using very painful words that still hurts him very deeply. He changed his profile photo to one where he is not in dress but in a suit. Oh my what a handsome man he is. That photo was sure to get any woman’s attention.

Every day I would get an email that said, “T, I am just not sure about this, I want to be truthful.” I would respond back telling him it is admirable that you want to be truthful, but we need to package you a little different. Everyone has something in his or her closet (no pun intended), and it is great that you want them to know before any communication. You have a lot to offer so let them see that first! Cross-dressing is only a part of who you are. Think of the dating site as a place you are advertising yourself. Sell yourself and then say something like “Oh, by the way, I also like wearing dresses. We can go shopping together, and I can give you advice on what looks good on you.”

Day by day the dress photo was moved back on the list of his photo until it was the last of his eight. Also, his paragraph about cross-dressing and how he feels about it was moved to the end. His profile now ends with “Don’t worry ladies I won’t ask to share any of your clothes if you don’t ask to share any of mine. LOL”

About a week after the new profile was posted. I received an email that stated he had gotten more winks and emails in that one week than he did in over a year. Then the big news came that he had a date that night! I was so happy for him! I had to ask, “You are not wearing a dress tonight, right?” His response was “No, it isn’t a dress night! T, you’re right in regards about the dress, and that it is not the most important part of who I am, it is only one part of who I am. My date tonight does know about my wardrobe choices and seems to understand. I should not let those insensitive cruel women of my past ruin my future!” As of this writing, they have been together happy for over a month!



“A man in a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to a man.” –  LauraLee Http://lauralee.kelsey.jhilburn.com.



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