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A Perspicacious Dater vs. A Serial Dater



Just what is a Perspicacious Dater?

A Perspicacious Dater has keen mental perception and an understanding they are discerning. If there is no spark, perspicacious daters do not believe in wasting each other’s time. They do understand no one is perfect on a first date including themselves. If there is even a small spark, they will see where that leads. Sometimes it may just lead to having a new friend or a wonderful relationship.

l_1dabf1cdb48109ed20f5bcfdf199c2051In the world of Internet Dating, perspicacious daters realize people can be anything they want behind a computer screen. Sometimes people show potential in their profile, emails, or text messages, but when you meet them in person there is no connection. If you know someone from church or maybe an exercise class, there is a chance you can formulate an opinion about him or her before the dating stage. Sometimes the more they get to know each other they realize the less they have in common with this potential partner. Then there are those that have initially presented themselves totally different than their true selves. Perspicacious daters realize dating is a filtering process, and they don’t just date anyone.

They are looking for the best partner for them and not willing to settle for someone just to have a partner. Sex is reserved for serious relationships, not random people. They are up front and honest with all involved and never take advantage of anyone. If they find someone with potential, they will date them and only them to see where the relationship goes. Perspicacious daters are happy with their life. If you are on this site, you may be working on becoming a perspicuous dater.

Serial Daters have the following qualities:

There are two types of serial daters and both are often insecure and have low self-esteem. They need another person to give them attention and to make them feel good about themselves. The first type of serial dater lines up as many dates as possible with multiple partners. They choose not to center on one person. No homework or filtering is done; they are just out for a casual good time. Maybe they are looking for self-fulfillment or an ego boost. Maybe they are just looking for sex.

I once knew a guy who would go into a bar and would walk up to women and say, “You want to go home with me?” Nine out of ten times he would get his face slapped, but the tenth time he would get what he was looking for. He was the extreme of a serial dater. Most serial daters either aren’t looking for anything in particular or they are looking for something specific. They jump from date to date, and if they don’t find that one thing they want – ego boost, sex, the Fourth of July Fireworks spark – they immediately move on to the next date.

The second type is the one who feels they always need a boyfriend or girlfriend. This type of serial dater believes they are in love after the first or second date. Relationships like this usually last a few days or a few weeks, followed by the pain of a breakup… until the next guy or girl comes along then the cycle begins again.

Neither type of serial dater is healthy in the long term. They have to deal with the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases or maybe, just a bad reputation and hurt feelings.

“It’s one thing if you are just meeting different women for a drink or an occasional pizza, but once sex and deeper feelings enter the equation, you are starting to tiptoe through a very dangerous minefield.” – Matthew Fitzgerald is an author and dating expert for AskMen magazine


The Pros & Cons of Dating Multiple Women







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