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Relationship — Were you one of the lucky ones who stumbled on Mrs. / Mr. Right soon after your divorce or their divorce?

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Does everything about him/her feel right yet you are starting to doubt yourself and your feelings only because of other people’s judgment?  Does your relationship feel right yet you still wonder?  Watch for clues that your relationship is going too fast.  You know or should know if you have become the rebound person.  Many friends, family member’s even complete strangers will advise you not to date a divorced man or woman until at least a year after his or her divorce, that is if you are looking for a “serious relationship.”

Well what if they are wrong?  What if the divorcee had been miserable for years and they were dreaming of one day having the complete package, a happy marriage with the RIGHT person?  What if the divorcee knows you are that perfect person for them and you feel the same way?

DO NOT let others influence your feelings, just because someone has been divorced and do not label them a failure or necessarily vulnerable.

Rather a divorcee may know exactly what they are looking for and what they will not settle for a second time around.  They may have done a lot of soul searching during the “dead years” of their marriage.  If you are in this situation, trust your gut instincts and talk to you partner, only the two of you know if it is the real deal!  If this person is upfront and honest with you, chances are they know what they want and do not need to waste precious time with the wrong people.  There are good partners still out there, trust yourself to know when you find one!

Of course, always be careful because there is the chance that your new love is only looking for comfort while they go through the grieving process of their divorce.  Make sure your union is in fact real.  So if you find your self in that situation, move slowly and don’t rush into an engagement or wedding.  If it is meant to be, then time is on your side.


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