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A Little Motivation for 2014



My, my it’s 2014. A New Year. Another opportunity to start again.

It’s funny, because I distinctly remember a discussion with my ex after a horribly bad patch in our relationship. It centered on trying to start again, because we both knew it was impossible to start over. I think about that discussion almost every New Year because now that I am divorced, I think of this time of year as MY personal opportunity to start again.

I have a fresh canvas and new colors in my life’s palette developed from the melding of my past experiences and the expectation of what this New Year is to bring. I have developed my list of goals and desires for this year. I have to do the work if I expect them to come to fruition. Sometimes I get discouraged and I need something to give me that internal ‘snap-back-to-it’ and correct my thoughts so I don’t get off-track.

As I speak to more people about living happier after divorce or the breakup of relationships in general, lots of people tell me they share the need to stay motivated. People use varied tools to boost their motivation, but one that I find very helpful is to post words that keep me powered up. I have quotes and book excerpts in my office and on my bedroom wall, and even on my refrigerator! To start 2014 on the right path I developed a poster proclaiming as a kind of Manifesto, what Living Happier After is for me and the hundreds of happy, wise women who have shared their stories with me.

I share this with you, Divorced and Scared No More readers. Enjoy, share, tweet, pin and post!  Click here for  your own PDF download




Wilma Jones

Author, Living Happier After: 20 Women Talk About Life After Divorce

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