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Change, Change, Change



Hello my name is Brian Nastovski Author of Just Breathe now available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Itunes and major book outlets online.

This book will change the way you look at life, as you will see through my divorce as I share the emotional and negative side. Through my story, you will see how I turned this negative circumstance into the most positive experience in my life. I will inspire you to inspire others out of negative situations and together we can affect a nation into becoming more positive and more productive in faith, family and finances. I am authentic in I believe what I say and do. I have taken myself from the worst I have ever been emotionally to the best. I have taken myself from 274 pounds and size 42 to 196 and size 32. I let the stress of my divorce become my catalyst for change. I have the will and wanted change and so can you. I have my heart and soul back and continue to get better each day. My kids are in the best emotional state than ever as they too are out of the bad situation I had them in. My job performance is at its best today as I have persevered and have used my new heart and soul to give to my company a new me one free of emotional turmoil and now return dividends on their investment in me. My personal life has changed as well and I have never felt like the way I do today with this person. With my change and Gods help I have regained all God has always wanted for us a wholehearted, loving, positive thirsty for life man. This is not a temporary fix, but lifelong change in you.

I developed three pillars of success in taking a negative and making it a positive called E.S.P. Emotional, Spiritual and Physical. I learned how Gods wisdom and strength combined with exercise to reduce depressive thoughts and anxiety calmed me and made me worry free. With my book, Gods help and your will to succeed you can and will turn your life around and become the best you have ever been. The change will benefit you and your kids the company you work for as you give them a return on their investment in you as an employee. The kids will see with actions not words the change in you. I challenge you to become a new you one with a new heart and soul thirsty for life. Then watch as doors of promotion open for you and the increase in level of confidence that you enjoy.

This is your time the chance that most do not take advantage of, they continue down the same path, and enter the door to failure. I encourage you today to take a step towards a different door called change and begin to see and hear those benefits of change. Life is an amazing gift given to us by God so let us use the time we have left in this world to make a difference to those around us.

Become the person God has planned you to be and fight for your heart and soul back. Build your character, body and faith and see what life has to offer you. You have what it takes if I did it so can you. Change is waiting.

With Heart and Soul,

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