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Divorced? Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camp for Men and Women

new9043Divorced? Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camp for Men and Women

As a Divorce Mentor and CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children, I hear many of the following questions from my clients after divorce… “Now what?, Will I ever get my life back?, Will I ever be happy again?”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a step-by-step manual to answer these questions and to help you get back on track after your divorce. We can only wish. Wish no more.

That’s why as a corporate trainer and working with corporate CEOs, Vice Presidents and Managers, I took the top 3 Leadership and Team Buildings Skills (plus many more) that are in demand in the corporate world and created the Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camp for Men and Women.

Just like a CEO is concerned about growing the company and increasing the bottom line, I’m sure you as the CEO of your family are also concerned about the future. Your bottom line … to get your life back and to be happy again after divorce. For your children… to help them grow up to be productive, healthy and happy adults.

Top 3 skills you will learn in the Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camp:

1) Stress management or coping skills to help you as a single parent to deal with the everyday stress and the feelings of being overwhelmed. Imagine turning stress into calmness in minutes.

2) Goal setting: Learn how to set measurable-life goals to take control of your life and plan for a successful future.

3) Communication Skills: Learn the personality styles and traits of your children, teens, people you are dating and even your “ex” to help deal with conflict, misunderstanding and judgment.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions concerning your children, co-workers, someone you are dating or your ex?

– Why did you do that?
– What were you thinking?

Imagine knowing how to:
– Speak the the same language as your children and teenagers, so they will hear you and actually listen.
– Recognize the different traits of someone you are dating to help you quickly know if that person is right for you.
– Communicate with your “ex” with more ease and less conflict.

A CEO does not want to take a chance on the bottom line and growth of the company. Do you want to take a chance on your happiness? Your future? Do you want to make sure your children become productive, healthy and happy adults?

How does the Boot Camp work?

The Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camp is a 5 week on-line “Live” Boot Camp in the comfort of your home or office. Participants will receive a call-in # to join the group after signing up. Joanie will facilitate the calls and answer all your questions every step of the way.

For more information, to sigh up and to save your spot, go to:


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I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your journey.

Joanie Winberg

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