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Hello Everyone,

Most of you have been watching my videos, Fireside Chats with SingleAgainAlbum2_jJoanie” or listening to my radio show called the Single Again! Now What? Radio Talk Show, but maybe you don’t know why I do what I do as a Divorce Mentor.

To give you a little background... when I got divorced in 1995 (yikes, that long ago?), I felt so overwhelmed and down right scared; maybe some of you can relate. My children were 12 and 9 at the time. The “once shared” to do list was now my responsibility along with the normal everyday responsibilities of a parent, never mind a single parent. Making decisions was hard at times and sometimes I just cried myself to sleep.

With all of the new challenges I wondered, how I could do it all. One day, I had a huge wake-up call, when one of my friends said to me, “If you crumble, so will your children.” That’s all I needed to hear.

From that point on, my goal was to be the best I could be to help my children grow up to be healthy and happy adults.

I started by taking care of myself and getting the support I needed in order to be the best I could be for my children as well as for myself. Getting that help changed my life!

NOW,  as a Divorce Mentor, I’m committed to guiding and supporting people after divorce to move on with their life and to be happy.

How am I doing this? By supporting individuals with all the tools and knowledge I have to give.

For the Divorced and Scared No More Group…
I now have openings in the Single Again Mentoring Programs (see below for more information) for new clients at rock bottom prices.

I am here for you! You Are Not Alone!

Warm Regards,


Joanie Winberg,
Divorce Mentor, Certified Human Behavior Consultant and
founder/co-host of the Single Again! Now What? Radio Talk Show

Fireside Chats with Joanie 



Support for you! You are not alone!

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