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Does Technology and Modern Society put Relationships on a Path for Destruction?




Technology has many benefits but personally I feel it is making relationships harder. Here are some of the things I have noticed: conversations have become texting; arguments became phone calls, and feelings became subliminal messages online for the whole world to see.


Our modern society contributes also to the difficulty relationships suffer today. Sex became easy and with anyone. The word love gets used all the time for things that are really not loved. Insecurities have become a normal way of thinking and feeling. Getting jealous became the normal action. Trust is just a word and the meaning has been lost. Cheating became an accident that could not have been avoided.  Please explain to me how you can accidentally have sex? Leaving then became the only acceptable option. Being hurt and lonely became natural.


When I find a significant other, I plan on discussing with him all the issue listed above. Working together we will come up with a plan combating these things, and preventing them from harming us. Every six months we will review our plan and see if anything needs to be added or improved upon.


Being aware of the danger and planning will help your relationships chances in succeeding and help you avoid potential problems.



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