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Two Hints for Your Food Budget When you Need to Live Frugally



Remember these two hints for your food budget when you need to live frugally:

Ramen noodles are known as the “I am broke food,” just because you may need to be a frugal doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. You can jazz up Ramen Noodles in many different and stick to a budget friendly price. They only cost ten to fifteen cents a package when they are on sale at most supermarkets. We will continue to add Ramen Noodle recipes as we find them.

Macaroni, pasta, or rice combined with half a pound of cooked ground turkey, beef, pork, chicken, or seafood, and fresh, frozen or a can of vegetables, add a chopped onion and garlic. This will create a really nice casserole. The Dollar Store has herbs and spices for fifty cents a bottle add some when you want additional flavor. Learn to be creative. The recipes are only limited by your imagination.



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