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Home Testing Products

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We all have heard about the people who get all kinds of things for free to test and evaluate. I have signed up for these Home Testing programs over the years but the biggest thing I got for all my work signing up was a few little sample products.


The other day on television once again I saw people who seem to be getting all kinds of good things to try. Some of them had blogs, and they review the items or services on their blogs.


It’s not just products. They also review entertainment spots, dinner cruise, zip lining, restaurants and the lists go on and on. So how they do it, and how can we get started?


There are many websites out there to choose from. There’s bzzagent. com   You can go to that site and apply for a product. Then they give you coupons to hand out to your friends so you can create a buzz about it. Klout.com is for people with influence on Twitter. LinkedIn, or Facebook. They send you products, and after you try it all you have to do is tell people what you thought. Sassybaby.com  is a good one for mothers of small children, and if you are not chosen they put you on a list if something comes up they will contact you.


For bloggers, there is a website called tomoson.com. They have a list of companies that are looking for product reviewers. Just go on that site and apply for the product. They send you the product then you write a review on your blog, post to Facebook and post to Twitter.


Momcentral.com will send a full size products and plus many times pay you in gift cards to do the review. They do ask you to post a review on your blog, Amazon, or on the store site.


Anyone can do this product testing. The result is terrific because you now have products that you didn’t have to spend money for. It just took a little of your time.


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