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Splurge After Your Divorce?

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Everyone understands that a divorce can be a long, hard procedure. Given all the feelings and anger that has been vented, it can be a very draining process that can last months and in many cases years. As quickly as the dust settles, lots of recently divorced individuals will feel the urge to treat themselves. They feel they are entitled to a splurge after sustaining all that suffering? The feedback I have heard, sadly, is “it depends”.


Many individuals feel like they need a pick-me-up after the grueling procedure, and it’s completely healthy to recognize the big adjustment in your life. There are reasonable approaches of doing this that do not include spending considerable amounts of money.


A small treat, something like supper out with friends, a divorce party or possibly new clothing are all certainly acceptable. Nevertheless, you need to beware to make sure you don’t splurge in ways that threaten your monetary protection. High-risk spending carried out in an attempt to relieve the psychological damage of the completion of a relationship is a recipe for monetary disaster, and it can generally spirals out of control as the spending increases to compensate for your unresolved feelings regarding the divorce.


The very best suggestions I have heard is to stay clear of spending more than you ought to following a divorce.  Take time first, prior to any splurge and formulated an extensive budget for your post-divorce life. You can do this on your own or with a financial planner.


Doing this simple budget, numerous people feel they obtain a level of control they never assumed they would have.  Consider it your first step to financial empowerment! This implies once you understand how much money enters your bank account each month, you will develop a budget plan that limits your spending to the amount of earnings you have.  You are going to have a whole new set of expenses and will probably have different sources and levels of income than you had previously. Break your expenses down to those that are monthly and those that are annual, one-time expenses. Once you have that organized, write down all of your various sources of income, salary, child support, etc.  While this seems standard, a lot of individuals let their expenses drive the process, indicating that they invest cash without discipline and hope that at the end of the month they don’t go into overdraft.



When composing your budget strategy, spend time very carefully considering precisely the amount of cash is needed to cover your regular monthly living costs. After necessitates are taken into account, acknowledge those future goals that will need savings, like college expenses for your children or retirement. After considering all these numbers, you will have a much better concept of precisely what cash is readily available for an unimportant splurge.


It’s necessary to accept that following a divorce, adjustments to your lifestyle have to be made. It’s most likely that you had to part with some possessions throughout the divorce, potentially stocks, mutual funds or retirement accounts that will now really require to be replenished. 


If you do this little task before your splurge you will feel much better about the money you spend to have a little fun.  Then you really will have fun without any regrets!

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