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“You cannot beat the system, but you can win at the game. The game is to keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket.”


change moneyWhile growing up, my father would always tell me “You cannot beat the system, but you can win at the game. The game is to keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket.” Every year I get my budget and bills then review them closely to see where I can save money.  Here are some of the things I have done, if you have any to add please let me know!


Last year I got rid of cable, got a Roku  then started streaming along with my digital TV antenna and my Tivo.   I enjoy all my shows, and it saves over $100 a month. It does take a little getting used to because you really do have so much to choose from.  Having the Roku box and the Tivo searching for shows has become much easier than it was in the past.


A few years ago I got rid of my regular landline an have a Magic Jack Plus.  I need a local landline number and this is a wonderful way to save lots of money.  Magic jack provides Voicemail, Caller ID, Call waiting, Call forwarding, Your own phone number, Unlimited free calling within the US and Canada….  My next door neighbor added to my thrifty idea and has family out of the country, she purchased a magic jack with the local number in Houston then sent it to her family overseas.  Now they use that phone line when calling one another and there are no more long distance calls over that big pond.


Saving money also means protecting your identity.  Passwords must vary between accounts and you must change them frequently.  I use RoboForm which has been considered the best password manager for years. It has the capability to store an incredible amount of data anything from addresses, credit card numbers to your contacts details in your personal address book. You can also have different identities like Personal You and Professional You. It is compatible with IPhones and IPads whereas many password management software systems are not.  I have been a victim of hackers and identity theft so the extra layers of security RoboForm has is very important to me.  The plan I like best is the Get Everywhere because you are not limited and is just more flexible with my lifestyle.  They also have another program called GoodSync.  It automatically backups all your critical files so you’ll never lose them. Plus it easily synchronizes your files between multiple computers and devices.


When it has came down to Bitdefender, it has been one of the most underrated software protection brands on the market. While brands like Norton and McAfee have had strong anti-spyware and software programs, they haven’t been fully able to drive the best in software programs for everyone. Bitdefender has been one of those brands that still makes it a good alternative. It is a simple and easy to understand software that doesn’t fully clog up the computer speed, while scanning away and protecting your computer from vicious malware and spyware that can hack and control your computer. As I am sure you can guess my household is of devices that need protecting.  Bitdefender Sphere is the all-in-one solution to protect all your devices!  Sphere will protect an unlimited number of computers/tablets/phones.  Create the  myBitdefender account and  can keep track of all the devices you have Sphere installed and use services like Anti-theft or Facebook protection.  the protection may cost a bit but it will save you so much.  I feel it is money very well spent. I  love how easy it is to operate, and handles with each and every time for its money. If you are looking for a good alternative brand name virus protection software, I suggest you give this a shot.


Please remember if you do not have Wi-Fi and high speed internet neither of these options would be good for you.  I truly think the money that you save just changing these two little things can pay for the Wi-Fi and high speed internet being put in your home. Please also have a basic understanding of your home network, there will be times a reboot your modem and router will be needed to clear up  problems.   Since these work over your internet be aware if you lose power or your Internet connection, you will also lose your streaming and phone capability.


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