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Deals on Used Exercise Equipment




Working out at home can save the monthly expense of a gym membership. It is also nice to have equipment, in addition to your gym membership, in case you have to stay home and take care of the kids….. Exercise equipment can be a substantial investment not only for your wallet but also your health. Buying used exercise equipment can unquestionably save you thousands of dollars. You have to know what to look for and when not to buy.

Many times people buy a room full of good intentions, but for one reason or another the commitment never got fulfilled. The equipment sits collecting duct or becomes an extremely expensive place to hang clothes. Then there are many that are selling their equipment because they need to upgrade to something new. The last group is the ones that are not worth buying from. They have worn the equipment out or neglected caring for it. It is always sad to see a home gym that was set up on the patio and is totally ruined by the weather. The owner wants top dollar because they only used it twice.

You can find used exercise equipment on Craigs List, Ebay, Amazon, garage sales, your local newspaper, and there are website that specialises in used fitness equipment. These sites usually check out the equipment before it is sold. The first place you do not want to buy from is a health club. If a gym is done with the equipment, it’s probably done and not worth any investment.

Base what you are going to buy on the fitness goals you have. Make sure you try the equipment out before you buy it and that is it something you will enjoy using. If you don’t, it might end up in your garage sale next year with your good intentions.

This is the time to buy the quality brands. With regard to used equipment, there actually isn’t any significant price difference in the quality brand name versus the off brand. Inspect the equipment completely for any type of excessive wear, rust, damage, cracks, or other defects. Test out the equipment to make sure that everything works properly. Listen closely for any unusual noises that shouldn’t be there.

A popular piece of used exercise equipment is the treadmill. The electrical usage is something to consider with this piece of equipment. Some have a lower power option that might be worth waiting to get. There is another option and is an elliptical that gives many of the same benefits as a treadmill, but the energy cost are about the same as an alarm clock.

Always check to see if there is any warranty. Most pieces of used equipment don’t have any warranty. Many stores sell the extended warranty on just about everything and sometimes it is transferable to the next owner. At a minimum ALWAYS check for any recalls that need to be addressed.

If you are dealing with a company, check the Better Business Bureau to make sure it is trustworthy.



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