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Fix Grocery Store Mistakes


A few mistakes at a grocery store can cost you a bundle. Here are a few minor adjustments that could cut your grocery store bill quite drastically.

Before going grocery shopping, it is always best to take an inventory of what you have in your cabinets. Then plan your meals around what you already have at your home. As you’re planning your meals, make your grocery list of the minimal items you will now need to purchase.

Look to see how much stuff is actually marked down very often you will notice a sign saying 10 for $10 but if you look at the items their only marked down two or three cents. That is not good enough savings to take all the extra one’s home. Many stores are allowing you to mix-and-match the items in that sale category. Sometimes you don’t even have to buy the 10 one item will have the same price. But other times you are required to buy the full amount. If you already have eight, and getting the other two could save you five dollars you go get another two items. Don’t miss out on the free items in those instant savings. Always take time to read the fine print.

Buying bigger isn’t always cheaper compare prices on the smaller size packages. I have found numerous times where I could buy 4 small packages that equal the size of one big one at significant savings. This is especially true if you are using coupons so take your coupons check your math.

If you’re using a coupon, make sure you get the right size and the right brand. Very often store brands are now looking like their name brand counterpart. People frequently get the wrong one or the wrong size, and then the coupon is no good.


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The Grocery Game – Save hundreds per month on groceries!

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