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ThredUp: Children’s Clothing Swap

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Buying clothes for kids can get expensive! I will never forget when my nephew grew twelve inches in twelve months. Kids just grow so fast most of the time they don’t have a chance to wear anything out. Dress clothes are so expensive, and many time kids will only wear them a few times before they have outgrown them. When my kids were young we made use of the local consignment store. There is a new type of consignment store, and it is online. Many people are saving money and getting really nice things at ThredUp.

At ThredUp people are encouraged to swap children’s clothing. When your kids outgrow the item you can exchange it for another item. First you join at thredup.com then look through the site at the boxes. There will be descriptions regarding the size and if it is for a boy or girl. Choose the box you want and then pay. The box is shipped to you then when it is received you open it and find out what is inside. This concept reminds me so much of the game “mystery box.” There are thousands of boxes of clothes listed. The boxes start at $9 plus shipping, and there are lots to choose from. They allow you to buy two boxes before you have to list a box. There is an accountability factor for every box they have a ratings system. People are allowed to list favorites, and when they have anything to go out you will be notified. The rating system also lets other people know the quality of things that might be in the box.

The ThredUp box on average has about 15 items. When shipping is added, the boxes cost on average $20. I have read reviews good and bad about this company. They are expanding into Junior and Ladies clothes so this version of “Mystery Box” must be working.

Other swapping sites I found are: outgrowingin.com and  peaceloveswap.com  For more information visit thredup.com.


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