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To Marry or Not to Marry- the Dilemma of Love and Marriage After Divorce

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Many people who undergo a divorce take a significant amount of time to come out of the trauma. The question of dating and love does not feature on their list of priorities at all. However, with work time is a great healer and you can overcome the shock and trauma of the divorce. Then be able to embrace the happiness that love and romance can bring into a life. However, if infidelity was the cause of the divorce, it may take a little longer for a person to be able to trust a person and fall in love again.

The first step towards healing is to stop blaming yourself or your partner for the split. It is difficult but not impossible. You must make peace with the fact that few things are not meant to be forever, and maybe your marriage was one of those things. Getting into the blame game keeps you stuck in the past and lets the past control your future. It gives power to the person or situation you are upset about. Do you really want the pains or person of the past control the direction of your life? The best thing you can do for yourself is be happy. That will completely confuse the person that hurt you more than you will imagine. Take the time and learn from the mistakes you made in the relationship and promise yourself not to make those mistakes again.

Don’t be unhappy about your situation, as it would lead to anxiety, depression and other health conditions. Be open to change and widen your horizons and learn to forget your past because only then will you be able to embrace the future. You truly need to move forward rather than living with the ghosts of the pasts in order to find love again. Be communicative and learn to share your feeling with the people who are close to you. It will provide an outlet for all you’re pent up emotions and you will be ready for something new.

To be able to find love again is truly a great feeling and you have to be ready for it. Take baby steps towards finding love again and you will succeed for sure. Always remember, that you will need time to heal and then only will you be able to love again. So, don’t be distraught and desperate, give it time, and love will find a way back into your life. During these times also let go of all the emotional baggage of the previous relationship and prepare the space in your mind and soul for a new partner. Open your mind and heart to meeting new people. When you will do this not only you but also the people around you will be able to see you in a new light.

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