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You are Never too OLD to Plant the Seeds of Your Dreams!



Ironman 2009


I know you have heard this before, but old is how we view it. I have met many thirty something’s that can’t keep up with me or my schedule. Old is a self-chosen set of expectations, attitudes, and perceptions. People tend to become what they believe we expect them to be or what they believe they should act like. Comparing a 40 or 50 year old to a 95 year old is not very different than comparing a 5 year old to someone that is 35. Yet, for so many they feel turning 40 or 50 has made them “old.”


There are different times in our lives that we reinvent ourselves, and for many of us it was after a divorce. For others, the reinventing occurs when they turn 40, 50 or some other milestone in life. Midlife seems to be a common time when people renew their creativity because now they have greater life experiences. Usually they also have a little more freedom and time to express themselves. For many their passions were put aside to raise their family, but now the children are older and moving on with their lives. During mid-life people are now finding the time to plant those seeds of their dreams that long ago were set aside, and can now be planted to grow the wonderful garden of their dreams.


Sadly there are many that think they’re too old to make a change, but that’s rarely the case. For many they got married, had kids, some got divorced, and now they’re grandparents. Then at some point bought into this idea that they are now “old” and need to act appropriately. Some women I knew that were fashion Diva’s now wear polyester and act years older than they are. Others when asked what they have been doing you receive a list of Doctor appointments they have had recently. They then also share all the things that are now on their do and don’t list for their life. They can’t eat pizza because they “might” get indigestion. They can’t go out to eat because they “might” not be able to read the menu. Can’t go out because if might get chilly, or rain and it “might” make them sick. I know I am not the only person that has heard of antacid, reading glasses, sweater, raincoat or umbrella. Didn’t they use these things or know about their existence before they became grandparents or turned 40? It’s like someone told them they are now 50 and should stay at home, watch TV, and carry a ton of photos of the grandchildren. Why is it “socially unbecoming” for a woman with three grandchildren to enjoy a glass or two of wine, go out on dates, and just all around enjoy life? One my most recent dates let me know that all future dates should consist of sitting on the front porch at his ranch watching the cows. Do you think there was another date after he shared that information? What’s wrong with joining a group of people you don’t know that may also be sailing enthusiast and going sailing for an afternoon. If you like to travel, join a group that has others that like to travel. Here is a grand idea you can travel alone. Why do so many people stop trying new and unusual things as they age? Do they not realize they are killing their own unique spirit before they are dead?Iron man 2013


I am a grandmother, and I don’t act like my grandmother did when she was my age. I am very different from her, not just because of who I am, but also because of the different decades we grew up in. The things we have and know now are very different from what she had in her time. I expect my grandchildren will also be very different from me. The world they are growing up in is completely different from the 70s and 80s. Sometimes it does bother me a little that I may not doing what I’m “supposed” to. Don’t worry about me that feeling passes very quickly. With my advancing age, one thing I will forever be grateful for is the baby boomers! The generation that celebrated youth is now aging before me and for many they are creating the culture of youthful attitude toward middle age!

If you doubt the things I have said, may I remind you of a few others that did not let a number stop them from planting the seeds of their dreams.  One morning I woke and decided if these people could do it there is no reason I can’t at least give it a try. I am following my dreams, so what is your excuse? Whatever it may be put those thoughts out of your mind and start to live your life! It is never too late to get busy!


Colonel Sanders

Harland Sanders didn’t become the chicken mogul until he was 65. I don’t know about you, but I love the cole slaw!


Golda Meir

Ms. Meir was raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin but born in Russia. At 49 years old, she started her path and became Israel’s ambassador to the Soviet Union. When she was 55 years old, she became the Foreign Minister of Israel. When she was 66 she decided to retire, but fortunately for so many at 70 she became the fourth prime minister of Israel.  She was also the first female to be the head of the country.


Jack Cover

You don’t recognize the name but you might recognize his invention the Taser. Mr. Covers had worked as a nuclear physicist, and at around the age of 50 started Taser Incorporated he wanted to find a weapon that could incapacitate someone without killing them.


Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ms. Wilder’s was never published until she was 65 years old. Her book “Little House on the Prairie” has been considered by many one of the world’s most loved children’s books.


Grandma Moses 

We should all agree that Anna Mary Robertson Moses is a wonderful artist but did you know she didn’t even pick up a brush to paint until in her mid-70s. She loved to embroidery, but once her arthritis was too painful she decided to give painting a try.


Mary Dixon

Dixon decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and become a pilot at the age of 50.


Edmond Hoyle 

Have you ever wondered where the rules for card games came from? This Englishman is considered to be the first technical writer for rules on card games. He wasn’t a writer in his younger days, but somewhere around 70 he started writing them down. Just think of how many arguments those little rules of settled!


Nelson Mandela 

After being imprisoned for life or as anti-apartheid activity he became the oldest elected president of South Africa in 1994 at 74 years old.


Bill Anderson 

Mr. Anderson wanted to help the homeless and at 78, years old he raised over $3,000 riding his bike from coast to coast.


Ray Kroc 

Ray Kroc was a milk shake machine salesman. One day he found the McDonald’s brothers hamburger stand in San Bernardino California, and he decided to buy the business. The year was 1954 and Ray Kroc was 52 years old.


Takichiro Mori 

In 1959, Mr. Mori had just inherited two buildings from his father, and at the age of 55 he decided to leave his job as an economics professor and give real estate a try. Within a matter of years, he was presiding over the Japanese real estate boom. At the time of his death in 1993, he was considered the world’s richest man with a net worth of over $13 billion.


Lucille Borgen

The crowd that attended the 62 Annual Water Ski National Championships was thrilled. Ms. Borgen won the Women’s 10 slalom and tricks event on her 91st birthday!


Wallace Stevens

Mr. Stevens was 76 years old when he won his Pulitzer Prize for “Collected Poems.”


Lew Wallace

One of the best-selling novels in the 19th century was Ben Hur, and it has never been out of print. Mr. Wallace was 53 years old when he wrote this wonderful piece of literature.


George Brunstad

At 70 years old, Mr. Brunstad raised $11,000 for an orphanage in Haiti by swimming English Channel 15 hours and 59 minutes.


Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dr. Ruth (as so many of us lovingly know her) survived WWII because her parents sent her to a Switzerland orphanage. They stayed in Germany, and their fate was in the hands of the Nazis. In 1950, she became a psychologist in France then immigrated to the United States her postdoc tarry all education was in human sexuality. When she was 53 years old, Dr. Ruth was known in just about every home in the USA. She was one of the first women not only brave enough to talk about sex, but Dr. Ruth did it on a live radio show fielding questions from callers.


Julia Child

It wasn’t until Julia Childs was 49 years old her first cookbook was published. In 1963 Ms. Childs, was 51 years old and started her cooking show. Because of her desire to help advance the knowledge of food and wine through restaurants at 69 she cofounded the American Institute of Wine and Food. She wasn’t done yet at the age of 72 she compiled a series of six videos titled “The Way to Cook.”


Dodo Cheney 

Ms. Cheney was 88 years old when she won the 24th International Tennis Federation World Seniors Tennis Championships.


Ronald Reagan

He had a full career as an actor, but when he was 55 years old he was elected to his first public office. In 1966 Reagan, became California’s governor and won the race by over a million votes. Just 16 days before his 70th birthday Ronald Reagan became the 40th President the United States.


Thomas Jefferson

At 76 years old, he founded the University of Virginia. Doing everything from spearheading the legislative campaign to planning the curriculum and becoming the first rector.


Our Member in the photos at 40+ yrs. old completed her 1st IronMan in 2009 (top) and her 2nd in 2013 (bottom) .


Apostle Paul 

Paul didn’t become a Christian until he was over 30 years old, started his formal ministry after 40, and wrote his first book at 49. He may have gotten a late start but what a great impact on the future of Christianity.  Let us not forget the man he represented was 30 when he started his public ministry and only shared  for 3 short years, and what a gift he gave us.






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