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Dating Hardships? Try Online Dating


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Dating is not without its challenges. As someone who had a disfiguring accident at times I have had  difficulties in social situations.  Even though most people don’t see the scars now I do and meeting others has always been one of the biggest issues I have had when trying to date. A friend introduced me to online dating and it changed my personal life as I knew it.

Online dating can be an excellent method to meeting other singles, if everyone is upfront about their expectations and honest about what they are bringing to the table. Try this method as the appropriate way to catch a few more fish than usual in a safe way through online dating.

·         Flip through Many Profiles: Sometimes it takes quite a bit of searching to teach what you want and what you don’t want. Look at many profiles and find a few that you are attracted to. Not just attracted to in the sense of physical looks, but a profile that you feel you mesh well with. You should look for someone with values and lifestyle wishes that are similar to your own. You can tell a lot about a person through their profile, so you should pay careful attention when browsing to look for a new mate.

·         Send a Great Email Introduction: As you have always heard, first impressions are very important. Your first email introduction should state a little bit about you and a little of what you liked about the persons profile. When you send an email, to get an almost guaranteed response, ask the other person a question. Not only are questions often replied to, expressing some interest in the person and their life or thoughts make you look more appealing. Remember to send emails to different suitors during the beginning phase. You need to offer yourself some variety and increase the chances of finding a new mate. Only yacking about yourself: Not a good idea. What is there to say to that?

·         Offer Private Means of Communication: After you have been conversing for a while, if you hit it off and feel safe with the other person, feel free to offer more personal means of communication than just the dating website. This should start off in the form of a personal email. After you feel more comfortable, you can move on to phone communication. If you are leery about phone communication, you can always buy a disposable cellular phone with minutes for a cheap price. This way, if you do not like the phone communication that happens with the person you can get rid of the phone and the person will not have any more of your personal information. With any means of communication, until you only give out the personal information that you feel comfortable with. Your full name should come later on in the contact and any other information may want to be saved until the first date.

·         Have an Organic First Date: First dates are the final play in the game. On a first date, you will finally meet in person and see if the chemistry that was there online is there in person. Have the first date in a very public place, such as a crowded restaurant or inside a coffee shop. Be sure to go to a place that you can talk and get to know one another. Movies are not advisable for a first date, because it is harder to speak and get to know one another. The first date will give you enough information to know if you want to attempt to build something with this person and continue to date, or if you want to leap back into the dating pool with a splashing cannon ball.

·         Always do a Background Check: This is a new age and remember people can present themselves vary differently than who they really are and hide whatever history they may not be wanting you to know.  I am fine with anyone doing a background check on me and I feel if anyone has a problem then they probably have something to hide.  Mark Nelson is a Private Investigator  At Advantage Security Integration in Houston Texas and he contributes to this site.  His email address is marknelson@gmail.com for confidential consultation  Professional background check special for DASNM starting at $25.  Just tell him when you call or email that DASNM sent you.  this is who I use to get my background checks done!

You may have to go through a few frogs in order to find your prince or princess. In my case, there have been more frogs than anything, but luckily enough, I’m not squeamish. The important thing is getting back onto the wagon and giving online dating a try. The pond is much larger and princess and princesses abound!




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