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Having Your Smart Phone Work for You

smart phone Finding love after divorce

They passed the email stage of getting to know you and you feel comfortable giving them your cell phone number, let your smart phone help you. Smart phones have many areas in the address book you can put information about the person. Here are a few things I do, and it has served me very well over time.


Start by putting the person’s name in, first name in its location. The last name is a little different;  first put in the last name then follow it with where I meet him and his username on the site (if it was online). The final name would look something like this Ken Smith Match Ken1234. Next, go to the site and take a photo of one of his photos. Having the photos helps not only do you recognize who is calling. It can also help with texting assisting you to make sure you are sending the text to the right person. I have sent a text to the wrong person on occasion!


In the area where notes can be put, fill it in, their birthday, children, what they do for a living, what part of town they live in and any other information that I feel is important. Fill in all areas that you have information for such as their email address…

I have started using an app called Youmail. I use the free Youmail account, and if you don’t have unlimited minutes this is not for you.

Here are some features of Youmail as mentioned on their website:

Visual Voicemail

■ Completely visual – see who called, from where, and even their picture (when before all you had was their number!)

■ Use your smart phone or your computer – or you can still dial in like before (if you feel the need!)

■ Save time – Point, click and play or delete.

Voice-To-Text Transcriptions

■ Know if a message truly is urgent in situations when you can’t simply dial or answer your phone.

■ Read and respond to voicemail messages while in a meeting, class, movie or other busy setting.

Personal Custom Greetings

■ Easily have different greetings for your sweetie, your friends, your co-workers and your boss.

■ Choose from a library of free greetings or upload any sound file as a greeting.

■ Even use greetings as messages for callers who don’t pick up their voicemail!

Block Unwanted Callers

■ Automatically hang up on unwanted callers before they can leave a voicemail.

■ Simple to set up with just one click!

■ Easily let people you no longer want to communicate with think your number is no longer in service.

Community of Cool Greetings

■ Choose from over a thousand greetings that will make your callers laugh or smile.

■ Appear more professional by using their studio-recorded greetings.

■ Even choose greetings recorded in different languages.

If you decide you no longer want to talk to or text, change their name first name adding in all caps DO NOT ANSWER. It would look like this Ken DO NOT ANSWER Smith match Ken1234. Then in your address book if there is a setting for send to voicemail, turn that on! If you have Youmail send the call to Ditch or Block the call.

Changing the name helps if they send you a text, you will know not to respond. This is good to do even if you have Youmail. A big bonus with Youmail is users can Ditch a caller and give them a message that this number is no longer in service.

There is nothing like getting rid of someone and then a month or two later they call or text and you answer by mistake not knowing who they are because you have deleted their contact from your address book.


source Youmail Visual Voicemail


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