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T’s Top 10 SAFETY TIPS for Online Dating


The Internet is still pretty safe, even for seniors, according to WiredSafety.org. People are emailing, private messaging, chatting with one another, and making cyber-dates. Online dating will be a fun and fulfilling if you take a few precautions to ensure your safety and success.

Do Not Give Out Personal Information – Use a third party email address instead of one with your own and do not link it to any of your accounts. For example, set up a Google account without any of your personal information and when you set it up, do not link it to any other account.

Make Sure Your Computer Is Secure – Is your computer’s anti-virus program and firewall all up to date. Is your wireless network secure? Do you have strong passwords using a mixture of letters and numbers? In addition, I use an identity protection program. Don’t let Identity thieves ruin your life.

Be Tactful and Leary – Do not believe everything you read online. the person on the other computer could be a child or someone faking their gender.

Watch Out For Married People or Cheaters – According to a MSNBC survey, 30% of the people using an online dating service are married. Here are some things to watch for: they have no photo, very secretive, only online at certain times, irregular and erratic responses and odd phone behavior like it always goes to voicemail when you call them.

Use Caution in Sharing Images – When sharing a photo online, keep in mind that it may be forwarded over and over until the end of time; so many people can see it. Plus your photo can be altered with different software out there today and posted anywhere they want. Also, if you take it with your smart phone and the GPS is on they can locate where you took the photo.

Keep Copies – If something goes wrong you need to have copies of your communications in a file so that you can show friends or the police if you need to. I also have a recovery app. This sends a copy of all my text to my email account.

Take Your Time – Wait for at least 2 to 4 hours before replying. You want to “appear” active, confidant, involved in life even if you are just sitting home in your pajamas watching TV.

Meet in a Public Place – Be careful if you decide to meet. Remember there is safety in numbers so meet in a public place. When you can, tell the restaurant you are there with someone you do not know well, they can be very helpful.

Watch in your rear view mirror on your way home – If you think you are being followed go to the nearest police station. I am sure they won’t want to follow you in there and have to explain why they were following you.

Google – Check them out and make sure what they are telling you on the computer matches what you find. This is a must! At the minimum, you can do a search using a website called spokeo.com, but there are many out there so do your homework and be safe. Take the time to do a little research before you go and meet them.

source WiredSafety







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6 thoughts on “T’s Top 10 SAFETY TIPS for Online Dating

  1. It is just hard for moving on after divorce for men, dating after divorce for men, how to cope with divorce, how to deal with divorce, life after divorce for men, how to date after divorce, How to move on after divorce, and Living alone after divorce

    Yes you really have to be careful who you hook up with.I started to talk to a women that was my Nieghbour going back 47 years.Saw a post with pictures on a friends wall of her mother in October of 2010,she was dying of cancer and was in Hospice.I sent a message to her,letting her know my Mom was in the same Hospice the year before….we began to talk on the phone several times a week.I was passing on all the info I had for my mother…Her Mother was my first school bus driver…Our Dads knew each other.

    By July of 2011 we had begun to be really good friends.Her Mom wanted to come home to die.I wanted to help so I ended up renovating her house along with another “Friend”.I put well over 25K in improvements…All this time I was a Gentlemen to her.We were close It seemed.I never slept with this women..Before we could finish the house her Mother died….Yet there were things she wanted done to her house,and I continued to help.I thought we building a future together..By November her 35 yr old son got out of rehab>>>and I helped him out about 5K worth.

    By the end of the year around this time last year.She began to act differently to me.She had gotten everything she wanted.Including my mothers antique gold and diamond ring,which was supposed to be her engagement ring>>She let me know thru a phone text she didn’t want an engagement.She had hurt me before,and really broke my heart.All together I put in around 46K to help she and her son out.When she saw me getting sick and low on funds,she just kicked me to the curb like a bag of trash….So be careful who you start a relations ship with even when you had the ties we had in our family….There is so much more that had happened.But You get the idea of what I went thru…It will be a long time before I can trust again,,,,

    • Drew with time you will heal and be able to trust again. Not all women are like her! How to move on after divorce is one step at a time

      • I know hun….Really hit me hard!!….I know there are decent women out there that would appreciate the kindness of a Gentleman. I have a long way to go yet before I try again>>>>> But yet I am sick of being alone all the time!!…Specially was hard at Thanksgiving,I hope Christmas will be different…. It is just hard for moving on after divorce for men, dating after divorce for men, how to cope with divorce, how to deal with divorce, life after divorce for men, how to date after divorce, How to move on after divorce, and Living alone after divorce

  2. You sound like such a wonderful gentleman and good women are looking for a real nice man. Don’t let this one woman get you down and keep your faith! Online dating after divorce and be fun as long as you are safe There are many good divorced dating sites and you can possibly be successful at finding true love after divorce even if you are dating after divorce with kids

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