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Bad Beauty Day Fixes


We all have bad beauty day just like bad hair days. By using some of these tips and tricks, you can look great even if you don’t feel great!

When your skin starts looking dull, exfoliate to get a nice glow and then add some color with pink blush and bronzer.

Brighter colored lipstick will make your teeth look whiter and not as yellow.

Treat acne with glycolic or salicylic acid but only put it directly on the pimple. A yellow tint concealer should cover it up nicely.

Dark circles will not be as noticeable if you apply a small amount of concealer to the hollows of your nose.

Carry decals in case you get a chipped nail. It also looks great having one nail different from the rest.

Do your allergies have you all puffy? If you sleep propped up, it will help you drain better and reduce the puffy face. The coffee cube trick can also really help with a puffy face problems.

Place your used old coffee grounds in an ice-cube tray and freeze. Then when your face is a bit puffy pull a cube out of the freezer and place it on your closed eye to remove the puffiness. The caffeine will get the circulation going while the coolness will reduce the puffiness.

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