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More Moisture / Clearer Skin / Fade Spots on Skin

Lemon and Honey

It has been known for years that honey will add moisture to your skin and the lemon juice will fade spots on your skin. This easy tip can be added to your weekly routine; Enjoy!

 More Moisture / Clearer Skin / Fade Spots on Skin

Take a fresh lemon and roll it around on the kitchen counter. This will help with the juice.

Cut a lemon in half and add ½ tsp. honey to the top of the cut lemon. If you have acne problems add a few drops of tea tree oil.

Rub the lemon with honey on top all over your face in a small circular motion. Really take time on your troubled areas.

If needed add more honey and now apply to the back of your hands.

Leave the mixture on for 5 minutes.

Rinse off with cold water



If you prefer a mask rather than rub the lemon with honey and tea tree oil on your face….

Here’s how to make a Honey/ Lemon Mask:
Squeeze the juice from half a lemon into a bowl (if you have lots of dark spots use the juice of a whole lemon)

Add 2 tbsp of honey

2 to 3 drop tea tree oil

Mix well until thoroughly blended

Apply it all over a clean face avoiding eye area.

Leave on for 15-20 min and rinse off

Do a second rinse with cool water





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