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Could Monoi Oil BeYour Next Best Beauty Secret?

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I had never heard of Monoi oil until the other day while watching the Live Well Network. Tamika Fletcher Co-Owner of Natural Resources Salon in Houston Texas was on telling about the benefits of this product. She said, “it’s a wonder ingredient for hair, lips and skin.” Monoi oil is made from soaking Tiare’ flowers (Tahitian Gardenia) in coconut oil.

The oil can be traced back over 2000 to the Maori tribe in Polynesia. The tribe used this oil from birth till death for medical, cosmetic and religious reasons. Uses for the oil included protecting the skin from harsh winds, salt water and prevent dehydration of the skin in hot weather. Monoi oil was also used to prevent chilling in cool temperatures. After a death in the tribe, they embalmed the body with the oil to assist in the journey to the afterlife. Priest also used it in religious rituals anointing objects and purifying offerings.

Considering how long Monoi oil has been around it seems odd it is just now taking the beauty industry by storm. Many companies are starting to add it into their products. The companies test validates the oil is rich in a skin soothing agent. The oil penetrates the skin and re-hydrates while protecting the skin.


Uses for Monoi Oil

1. Before a swim to protect from sun, wind and pool or sea water

2. During a bath

3. After a bath or shower to rehydrate the skin

4. Massage oil



Homemade Monoi Oil

1. Collect enough Gardenia flowers to fill a mason jar.

2. Pick the petals off and wash them thoroughly. Lay the petals to dry on a paper towel

3. Put the petals in a sterilized mason jar. Fill the jar to the top, but do not to pack the petals down.

4. Fill the jar with coconut oil, close the lid tight. Shake the Mason jar a few times for even distribution.

5. For a month set the jar on a window making sure it gets at least four hours of sunlight a day. Shaking the jar every day.

6. When the month is up strain the petals from the Mason jar. Strain at least one more time or until you have removed all pieces of the petals have been removed.

7. Pour the strained oil, into a clean sterilized Mason jar and store in a dark place.


Secret Treatment:

2 cups Epsom Salt

3 tablespoons Petroleum Jelly

1/2 cup Monoi Oil

Mix well in a large bowl and taking small handfuls, rub it all over your body gently to remove the top layer of dead cells.

The process is fabulously messy, and you will probably end up giggling your way through it which is no bad thing, then following a thorough shower, feeling altogether better. Because not only will you look and feel better but you will have fulfilled your need to get that ex completely and utterly off your skin!!


Resources and for more information:

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