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Feel Better Bath



Here are some secrets to help your next bath deliver unbelievable benefits to melt away the stress of the day helping your skin to glow, feel smooth, and your body feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Just an all around feel better bath!

Bath salts can help your skin repair and restore the youthful smoothness and vitality while dealing with the signs of aging. For the best results, add some Sea Salts with the essentials oils or herbs of your choice to your bath. When it comes to bath salts be generous. Hold the salts under the running water letting the salts release the fragrance and oils into the steam.

Make sure the lighting in your bathroom is soft and low. Dim the lights or place candles around the room. Next turn on your favorite soothing music and transform your bathroom into your own personal spa.

Close the shower curtain or door to keep the fragrant steam in and it will also keep the water warmer longer. The steam also can open and cleanse the pores in your skin that will give you that healthy glow.

If you are taking a bath in the morning use bath salts with a peppy citrus scent. These salts help you feel energized, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead.

Bath salts with eucalyptus and peppermint oil can help your sinuses and cough, and the sea salts, will help soothe aching muscles.

Vanilla can lift your spirits so add 1/4 cup of pure vanilla extract to a warm bath.

Take a handful of pine needles and place them in the foot of old panty hose. Knot around the faucet and let the bath water run through the pine needle bag.





Many people do not take a long enough bath. After 10 minutes of soaking, they hop out of the tub. You need to lie back and stay there for another 10 minutes. There must be enough time given to the bath salts to work their magic on your skin. This time also lets the warmth of the water improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure. Not only will soaking longer help you feel better, it will help your body, as well.


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