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Common Sense Health Tips That will Help You Feel Better




When going through a breakup, many times eating habits are not the best. Making a lifestyle change in eating habits that you can stick with will make you feel better and more energetic.  Here are a few Common Sense Health Tips That will Help You Feel Better.

Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. When people skip meals they become more tired and irritable. Eat a healthy breakfast full of fiber and protein. Not only does your body get what is needed but you will feel full longer.

Choose to eat the healthy foods first at every meal. After you’ve eaten the healthy food, then eat a small portion of the food you like at the end of the meal.

Chew slowly and take your time to enjoy every bite of food during a meal.

Throw out your bathroom scales. Eat healthy and forget about the number.

Take vitamins, a good multi vitamin, vitamin D, calcium and omega-3 fish oil.

Park in the farthest away parking space. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking boosts your endorphin levels, and you’ll burn a few extra calories.

Do aerobic exercise then train with weights to build strong muscles and bones.

Get enough sleep. The lack of sleep will make you feel bad from the moment you wake up and continue to all day long. Getting enough sleep also reduces your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Studies have shown it not only reduces the risk of the obvious dental problems, but it also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Each day prop your feet up and breathe slowly. This will help you reduce stress and relax.



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