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“Use it or Lose it” Also Applies to Our Brains



The phrase “use it or lose it” applies to more than just the muscles in our bodies — it also applies to the neural pathways and connections in our brains. There are a variety of exercises and activities that can successfully work each of the brain’s five major cognitive functions on a daily basis.

Here are three video workouts that don’t take much time and you can do a different one each day.

BrainGymbrain exercising

Increase Brain Power – How to work out your brain and get smarter

Daily Brain Exercises – Improve Speech – Memory – Creativity – : )

Additional things you can do on a daily basis that will help work out that grey matter.

1  Learn something new. Learn to play bridge or any new game, study Spanish or take a Photoshop seminar.

2  Play games or do crossword puzzles Sudoku or Scrabble.

3  Read different things on various subjects.

4  Memorize something each day like your grocery list or friends’ phone numbers.

5  Relax and take a few deep breaths.

6  Eat plenty of foods containing omega fatty acids such as flax and hemp seeds, and fish.

7  Do a math problem daily

8  Learn new word each day

9  Use your left hand if you are right handed to sweep the floor or use the computer mouse.

10 Draw or paint.

11 Guess what is going to happen in a TV show, what the different outcomes could be and why.

12 Solve or work on a puzzle while watching the television.

13 Take a different route home.

14 Make sure to eat breakfast.

15 Get plenty of physical exercise and when exercising try to walk-backward for a few minutes.

16 Take time and write things down.

Got any great brain exercises you like to do? Let’s hear ’em in the comments!



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