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Bad Hair Day? 9 Simple Ideas for a Quick Hair Makeovers


woman in field of flowers

Bad Hair Day?  9 Simple Ideas for a Quick Hair Makeovers

A messy bun is always a quick hair makeover.


Add flowers or lace headband the 70‘s inspired types.


There are so many types of braids to do; just pick one and braid it!


Add a hairpin and pin it up


Slicked back that ponytail or flip it thru your hair to make another interesting look.


Braided updos are so cute just do a braid on each side going to the back and then have them come together and make a messy bun.


Loosely braid your hair and let some pieces just fall gently out.


Tease the crown of your hair to make a bee-hive inspired bun.


Modern bun
Make a really tight and high ponytail.
Next section your ponytail into 3 sections.
Apply lots of hairspray to each section as you comb it out.Take each section and twist it into a loose roll then pin the ends with a 2 bobby pins. Keep the rolls separate so they don’t blend together.  Then spray again with hairspray.  It ends up looking like a 3 piece bun.

Image courtesy of adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.net



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