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Shake up That Makeup!



After 40, it is time to rethink how you do your make up! Just changing a few little things with a trick or two can help make those years a little less noticeable. So take a few minutes and shake up that makeup!

Here are some tips to update your look:

Lesson One: Go One Darker

Get foundation one shade darker. Many people go one shade lighter, and that works well for younger people, but as we age our skin is not as even of a tone. Those little spots start showing up. A lighter color does not blend then as well, but one shade darker will do the trick. Not only will it give you a younger look but it also adds warmth to your skin. Lesson

Two: Use Bronzer

Bring a little life and lift to your face by making sure you bring out the bones of your face. Apply the bronzer right on your facial bones, start at two fingers from the nose and go up with your check bone then down on your jaw bone.

Lesson Three: Blush It Up

Place your blush higher on the cheek bone and follow the cheekbone up. This will give the illusion of lift.

Lesson Four: For Lips, Less is More

Use a light-colored lipstick with no blue undertones. A product I will not go without is Sally Hanson Lip Inflation. It really does work to plump up your lips.

Lesson Five: Lift Your Eyes

When applying any shadow or eyeliner, always end with an upward motion this will create the illusion of a lift. If your eyebrows are thinning fill them in softly with an eyebrow pencil.

Lesson Six: Powder Only in the Center

Only powder the center of your face. When you do the other areas, it mattes down the whole face. It will also magnify the wrinkles.




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