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Help Boost Your Mood When you Feel a Little Down





During my healing process too often I find myself sad, tense, worried, or just plain filled with the bad wave of healing. I don’t enjoy feeling that way at all.  Need Help Boost Your Mood When you Feel a Little Down.  Here are some of my personally tested tricks to pull me out of that sad place and back to the positive waves of healing.

1. Look around you, “It could be worse.” You may be sad that you are alone but think about the person that is alone and homeless. Thinking about them will put your problems into perspective. Stop and think about what you’ve got!

2.Treat people the way you wish they’d treat you. If you would like your friends would help you find someone to date, see if you can fix up a friend.

3. If you’re in a bad situation, make a plan to start dealing with your problems and start executing it. Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years? Then map out a plan with ideas of how you can get there.

4. Try to make something better in your life. Clean a closet, and donate things you don’t need any more to charity. Plant flowers and work in the yard.

5. Take a twenty-minute walk or go to the gym and workout it will make you feel better and dissolve stress.

6. Look for meaning. You don’t need to be thankful that something bad happened, but God has a plan and every event can have a silver lining.

7. Do something fun and distract yourself from the stress. Activities like watching a funny movie, reading a good uplifting book, listening to your favorite happy music, or throw a sleepover and have lots of fun are few ideas to change your mood.

8. Strong relationships are a KEY to healing, spend time with friends and family. Fight the impulse to isolate yourself. Ask for help and offer your help to others. You will be surprised how many people may be in the same situation you are

9. Dance in the rain! Go and have fun splash in the puddles! This is my all-time favorite one, and I have been known to do this when I am in a good mood!

10. Do something you haven’t done for years. Go to the beach and make sand castles!

11. Write it down, putting your thoughts on paper really does get them out of your head. Often this alone will help you feel better but remember never send this to anyone. I find it helpful to burn it after I am done.

12. Be brave and go do something you never had the courage to do! I went to the Grand Canyon with my cousin and sat on the edge!

13. Participate in something that you know makes you laugh. A smile will appear, and you won’t feel down any more.

14. Write a poem, a story, draw or do a craft. Unleash your creative side!

15. The next time a friend sends you an email or you get a written note with kind words put it in a box. When you’re feeling down, read through them remember your strengths and remind yourself this is only temporary.

16. Sing, Sing a Song Sing out loud sing out strong……. This is one of my favorite physical activities, and it gives an endorphin boost. We have been told to make a joyful noise to the Lord. The key word is joyful it doesn’t have to be perfect!

17. Get some quiet time, go outside by yourself and sit for a few minutes under the stars.

18. Don’t get too hungry and get enough sleep.

19. Think of how important you are and love yourself.

I am one short of 20 can you share any of yours?



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