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One definitions for divorce according to the Webster Dictionary is “Separation; disunion of things closely united.”  This separation is traditionally used when people have been legally married.  There are also many long term unions that have not been sanctioned by the state.  When divorce is referred to on this site it is with the above definition in mindWe are the people you know; we have lived through and survived the death of a home (aka divorce).  Now is the time to come together to learn and share.

After a divorce many experience feelings of fear, loss, betrayal, and confusion. This is not the way the story is supposed to end. For many, when every little detail is done the question becomes, now what? Divorce is not the end of the road! There are still choices to be made as you deal with this new life. It is time to make yourself strong and find that new and improved person you know is inside just waiting to come out.

Getting a divorce is not a laughing matter. It was a highly emotional time involving many hard decisions that affected almost everything as you move forward to create a separate life for yourself. Every once in a while, however; something happens that gives you pause and despite the seriousness of the situation makes you chuckle. They say laughter is the best medicine!

This site is for those who have been through a divorce, have come out on the other side and have become stronger for it. It is also for people going through the after divorce process. When you are ready, there is also information to help you with the brave new world of dating. Many of the articles are here to educate, hopefully entertain, and at times they are just plain funny. This is an interactive site, so tell us what topics you would like us to cover. There are many articles you can read, comment on, and ask questions. Feel free to contribute because this is your community!  You are no longer alone!

Start your free membership today and give us your input to create a community that will help you as well as others. We can do so much more together than we can apart.

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