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Divorce View and Janeen Diamond Discuss … Should you really get a divorce?

single again now what

Today’s guest is Janeen Diamond, the founder of the program www.SaveYourMarriagein30.com as well as the new Teen Impact Program.
Janeen is also the author of the book, Save Your Marriage in 30.

Today’s show: Should you really get a divorce?

Janeen, Lisa, and Joanie talk about everything, such as:

– Does the younger generation think of marriage as something that is disposable?

– Are people getting married too quickly?

– When in a relationship or married, are you focusing on the positive or negative traits
of your partner?

– How do you deal with a cheating spouse? Can you forgive and trust again?

– Is the grass really as green on the other side as you think it is? Think about this before you get a divorce.



DASNM has a complimentary 30 minute coaching session just for you from Joanie:

Divorce Support is just a phone call away!

Are any of the following concerns keeping you awake at night?

– Will I always feel this lonely?- I feel stuck. I need help setting goals for my new life.- How do I deal with stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed as a single parent on a daily basis?

– Dating again? How do I get started and attract the “love of my life”?

If any of the concerns above are keeping you awake at night, then call Joanie Winberg, a Divorce Mentor directly @ 508-947-2750 for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session. Or email Joanie @ jw@joanwinberg.com if you prefer to use Skype

Joanie also offers:

single again now whatSingle Again Boot Camp For Women

Single Again Boot Camp For Men

Single Again Quick Start Program

(All of these programs have discounted fees for mentioning this site or using one of the links here)





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