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‘I’ve Struggled Today’ from The Poetry of Divorce

A poem from the book “Poetry of Divorce” by Tracey West, in days gone by known as Smith, author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas. She is also the mother of 5 fun loving children that make it fun to keep their mom on her toes.

This book is full of dark, light, funny and in some cases, positively saucy poems written on the subject of divorce.

Through a sharp and comedic pen, they outline everything from the uphill struggles, to the absolute adventures faced by many women as they endeavor to carve a coherent path through the most emotionally and financially draining times.

Tracey’s divorce poetry will move you from laughter to tears with truths from several different women’s personal adventures of divorce and offers an honest reflection of common journeys showing you’re not alone.


Originally posted on Youtube  Dec 12, 2012  by Simon West

Visit www.PoetryOfDivorce.com  to view book signings and performances.

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Poetry of divorce book

Poetry of Divorce: for Women: An Essentially Upbeat Collection of Poems for Women Going Through Separation and Divorce Tracey West  (Author, Photographer), Simon West (Editor)


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The Book Of Rubbish Ideas Tracey Smith (Author)




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