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Developing a new YOU™ – Lets Talk Growth now That you Have Embraced CHANGE!



*We will briefly touch on the Zig Ziglar wheel of life and how it applies to personal growth like my own developed E.S.P.*and the John Maxwell rubber band theory on today’s Developing a new YOU™ – Lets Talk Growth now That you Have Embraced CHANGE!


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If we have some time I will share my experience of the visit to the Jerry Springer show to view what society has embraced in bad television and poor personal conduct towards one another.

Its time to take responsibility for you. Quit blaming others ie the victim mentality. Its everyone else fault this has happened not mine.

Don’t expect the government to save you. You have to be responsible for you if your acting out the victim mentality its time to STOP!

~Why are you not happy?

~Why do you only complain?

The simple task of if you don’t believe leave can be applied to most situations. If you are not giving it your all at work in or relationships then leave if you have no belief in them. Everything is a choice and you have been given the free will to do so. So this is your time to self evaluate and ask are you really that un happy and wrongly being treated or is it just the victim mentality oh poor me attitude? Its time to reset the clock of life and make CHANGE in attitude a beginning to personal growth.


WARNING!!! Just because you walk through one door doesn’t mean you can stop and say yep I have grown I  am good now. No you must continue to go through doors and you continue to grow in mind body and spirit forever. Once you feel your at the top of your game or head of the class its time to change classes and find a new game hence continued growth.

You have what it takes and YOU are a winner!



Heart and Soul,


Brian Nastovski

Author Just Breathe™

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