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Divorce Source Radio Episode “Healthcare Privacy During Divorce”



divorce sourceDivorce Source Radio Episode   “Healthcare Privacy During Divorce” Originally aired August 23, 2012








Privacy rights of your health information are extremely established within the healthcare community.Doctors, nurses and pharmacists acknowledge that you have a right to privacy of your health information. But, there’s a GAP, a loop hole if you will, and something that HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) does not address – and that occurs in many walks of life – in particular divorce court.

Healthcare Privacy with Rebecca Busch on Divorce Source Radio

Rebecca S. Busch

You may be surprised to learn for the reason that the privacy of your health information is not defended when it is inappropriately used in divorce court by your spouse and their attorneys. The first step is being aware of the problem, the next step is taking the first step to restrain the improper use of health information for yourself and that of your children.

In the episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck from The Divorce Expo in Chicago, Medical Business Associates founder, Rebecca Saltiel Busch joins us to talk about our healthcare rights and explains why we must to be our own health advocate. Rebecca is also an skillful author and educator. With over 200 publications and presentations, Rebecca has presented to universities, large corporations, government entities, associations, financial institutions, and small businesses. Her passion – to create educated, conscientious healthcare consumers – is exhibited in her works, including her latest book Personal Healthcare Portfolio – a survival guide to the complex healthcare marketplace.

For more on Rebecca, visit: www.MbaAudit.com




Steve Peck

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