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Single Again! Now What? Co-Host Audition #1 – Tasher






The Single Again! Now What? auditions have begun.  Joanie Winberg and Steve Peck invite their first co-host, Tasher (as she prefers to be called) as a possible replacement for co-host, Lesley Hatfield. Tasher is from Houston, and the owner/creator of DivorceAndScaredNoMore.com. She is a mom of three grown children and a grandmother of three.

Auditions-PosterShe is one of the few people on the planet whose wedding and divorce anniversary are the same date only 26 years later.  She is a shining example of how to turn a lemon into a Zesty Lemon Sorbet and share with the world.

Hot topics for today’s show:

  • Why do married couples find it acceptable to poke fun of their spouses in public? Is this one of the causes of divorce?
  • If you have been on the receiving end of being told that your spouse wants a divorce, than listen to one of the most unusual and shocking stories of how a husband learned his wife wanted a divorce
  • The importance of making time to sing and dance (even in the rain)
  • How the new methods of dating can help you work out your “grey” matter


Here is the link to the article discussed on the program today:

Why do Some Married People Find it Acceptable to Poke “Fun” at Their Partners in Public?


Read a response to the above article:

My Husband Would Feel Fury and Frustration

originally in the Marriage Section’s Call For Anonymous Submissions at the The Good Men Project


Take a moment and enjoy some of Tony’s Acrostic Poetry.   If you would like to know more about Tony here is a link and on the bottom, it links to 86 of his songs on YouTube. Enjoy! All Media Artists.com




Drop us an email and let us know what you think of Tasher at: DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com or on our Facebook Page. If you have always wanted to be on the radio and would like to be considered for the position as a co-host, please e-mail us at: DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com and tell us why you think you should be a radio star.



Originally aired May 12

Steve Peck

We want to hear from you the Divorced and Scared No More listeners! Let’s connect on a personal level. Join our community at www.Facebook.com/SingleAgainNowWhat.   Feel free to write Joanie,  or Steve at DivorceSourceRadio@gmail.com. We are just like you and really do this show for you! The people those are post-divorce, reinventing ourselves and creating a new chapter in our lives.

Hatfield and Winberg


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