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The Anatomy of An Affair – Part 5


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Part 5 of our series, The Anatomy of An Affair continues with David Feder.

David Feder


In this episode, David answers questions on might have if they have been involved in an affair such as:



Affairs, divorce

•    Should I agree to therapy with my partner if he hasn’t ended his affair yet? •    What is the best way to end my affair with my Affair Partner? •    How do I make my partner feel safe when he/she pushes me away.  It’s frustrating and I am feeling hopeless.  I can’t seem to do anything right. •    How do I rebuild trust after an affair?  Are there steps to follow? •    What about sex after an affair?  I don’t feel like it but I’m afraid if I say no, it will be my fault that my partner goes back to his Affair Partner? •    What is Forgiveness? •    Should I tell my children about the affair? •    Affairs in the workplace – What do I do if you both work at the same company?

Listener note: This is Part 4 of this series, and if you are finding this program through our archive directory, iTunes or Stitcher Radio, it is advised you begin with program 1 and follow the podcasts in their original order.


For more on David Feder, visit: www.MyLifeAfterAn Affair.com.


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Steve Peck

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