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Blended Family Quotes #1

Flower Blended Family Quotes marriage after divorce

Blended Family Quotes #1

“What you call yourselves and how people refer to you as a family greatly impacts your children, who are constantly trying to figure out where and how they fit into your modern family.” ~ Kela Price

“Divorce is war and unfortunately, some parents live in constant entanglements with their ex-spouses and they shift aside the issues that post-divorce can leave on the shoulders of their children.” ~ Diane Greene

“I tried to make my husband make his daughter like me. After ten years of failed attempts, I decided to make myself change.” – Valerie J. Lewis Coleman, Blended Families An Anthology

“Although stepfamilies rarely make as smooth transition as the Brady’s, it is possible to successfully blend a family. It depends on how and when you start and what you put in the blender.” ~ Kela Price

“There is this double standard by which we suspect stepmothers of being wicked and selfish, yet expect them to be utterly selfless and loving to kids who are not their own, kids who are often hostile and rejecting for many years in spite of a stepmother’s best efforts and intentions.” ~ Wednesday Martin, author of Stepmonster

“Trying to make someone love you is like trying to climb uphill during an avalanche.” – Valerie J. Lewis Coleman, Blended Families An Anthology

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