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“Blink” and “A Can Of Whoop Ass” by Tony Haynes




Believe me, in the blink of an eye

Life can end and send one off to glory

It’s up to us to link and ink our own life story

Now blink & link with me – in sync with our youth

Keep the ink distinct…

4 picswof tony

…And link love with the truth



“A Can Of Whoop Ass”


A can of whoop ass doesn’t really


Come in a can

And a can of whoop ass is

Never closed


Opening a can is



Whoop ass is as I suppose

Hardly accidental

Our friends & foes

Open it up on command

Proud of frozen whoop ass in their hands


As for me I keep my whoop ass on reserve

Someday someone will get on my last nerve

Set me off and when they do…


…I’ll open up a double can defending you



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For more information check out www.tonyhaynes.webs.com, Wikipedia – Tony Haynes and All Media Artists.com – Tony Haynes (the bottom of this page has links to 86 of my songs on YouTube… hope you enjoy!) — Tony


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