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“From Wedlock To Grid Locked To Locked Out Of The Bedroom”


tony at home



We go from wedlock to gridlock

To locked out of the bedroom

But what can we do?

When we screw up it’s our libido that we screw


Sex becomes a weapon

Our bedroom a firing range

With a genital moving target

It’s the gentle that’s estranged


We promise things will change

But things lie

It’s harder for old habits

To cohabitate & die

Still they must

So we go to great lengths to earn back trust


Trust is hard to come by

We may trick the flock

But we’re really just some guy

Who can’t pick the lock


Thus we go from wedlock to gridlock

To locked out of bedroom walls

From Sherlock to hemlock

To no more Holmes



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7 thoughts on ““From Wedlock To Grid Locked To Locked Out Of The Bedroom”

  1. I only say this because I only mean within the bounds of marriage…woman tend to use sex as a weapon,to get even so to say,when in reality all their doing is cutting off their nose to spite their face….Sex should not be used as a weapon,and both partners shouldn’t deprive each other of it…

    • It’s not complicated,if people used the Bible as their guide men would know their rolls as well as woman,people choose the course they take in life,and it’s not always the wisest …..Pride plays a very big part in the destruction of a relationship…..And the inability to say that uncomplicated word …..I”m sorry!

  2. Christina, Do you think God meant it in the way you are implying?
    This passage doesn’t only refer to sex. It also means love and trust and respect and understanding. You are due ALL THOSE THINGS TOGETHER from your partner, not just sex. And you need not provide one without the others, nor do you have to accept one without the others.
    When your partner is sleeping around you HAVE TO deny him sex or risk YOUR LIFE.
    My sister died from HPV virus, an STD. She had only one partner her whole life, and that was her husband. He on the other hand chose to sleep around. She would not have been wrong to deny him.
    Had she denied him, she would still be alive today.
    God would never have ordered her to give up her life for someone such as this. Thank heavens she was a Christian and she is with Him now.

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