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Halloween Safety Tips




Halloween is here and it is time for things that go bump in the night to come to life in tricks and treats and cardboard and plastic costumes. A lot of people are not aware that Halloween as we know it in America was brought about to have a community celebration to lift spirits after the great depression.

Candy came about when pranks over ran the Halloween celebration and neighborhoods began handing out candy in order to keep from being vandalized. (www.history.com)

Halloween to this day is a 6 billion dollar retail business. We love our Halloween nights as the kids young and old get together and hit the streets in droves to get scared and receive free goodies. This is the perfect time to talk about personal safety for ourselves and our children.

Lets start with the basics.

  1. Most costumes are dark in color making them hard to see. Having a flashlight, a reflective sticker or glow stick is the best way to still be seen. Plus the kiddos love the glow sticks. You can find them at any Halloween or party store for a buck or two. They also make glow in the dark pumpkin pails for candy.

  2. There is safety in numbers. Please Please, Please don’t think it is cool for your six year old to run the neighborhood because you live in a “safe neighborhood”. There are many factors that you wouldn’t think would play in. Such as…. Dogs that can chase and attack your child by themselves because they escaped out of their owners trying to chase down strange masked little people. Not to mention young ones get excited headed to the next house to get their next handful of goodies and may dart across the street. Another thing to think about with the younger ones is even though they know the neighborhood, do they know the neighborhood at night? Can they find their way back home or get over a street or two and get turned around? I have done this as an adult walking my child around for Halloween.

  3. Do not follow your child around in your vehicle. Get out of the car, park at the beginning of the neighborhood and walk with your child. Get out and enjoy the night air and the exercise. The reason behind this is there are hundreds of other children out on roads you are sharing with your vehicle. If you are following your child and watching them while driving how can you watch for other children running in front of your vehicle.

  4. People really have never actually put razors, needles or poison in candy. Those are urban legends not reality. However never accept homemade goods unless its from a family member. Not because someone would try and poison you but you never know their baking practices such as washing hands and baking and cooking in a clean environment. That tummy ache could be more than just too much sugar. However you should inspect for open packages and poorly wrapped candies and throw them away for the same reason.

  5. Lastly, have fun, be aware of your surroundings, watch out for cars, children, parents and zombies.



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