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Spy Gadgets of Today


Spy Gadgets of Today

People are always asking me how cool it is to be a Private Investigator. They ask what is the most exciting investigation I have been on? They ask if I have caught people cheating? Then eventually it comes up to what kind of cool spy gadgets do you have? This is usually where I giggle a little and tell them I think the coolest gadgets on the market record video when no one is aware.

Now as far as how cool it is to be a Private Investigator I love it because I get to help people when they are usually going through something that would rather not go through. Divorce, cheaters, child custody, person location etc… These are hard times for anyone however I enjoy helping people through these tough times. I usually do not have to break out with many “spy gadgets” but I do readily use my Canon T3 Rebel. It records video, takes great shots and is not too bulky.

You can get a Canon T3 rebel at  Amazon, resale shops or at retail locations for around $600.00 or lower.  My other favorite gadget I like is my Android smartphone. Most smartphones come with a voice recorder on it and a substantial camera with video. What is nice about that if you need to record a conversation you are having in person you can turn your voice recorder on and stick it in your bag or your pocket. All depending how big of an SD card you have you can record for quite a while. In the State of Texas you do not have to make someone aware that they are being recorded. Only one person has to know there is a recording device. If you meet someone at a coffee shop and you are getting info out of them there is no expectation of privacy.

Another thing I come across a lot is a nanny cam or a covert camera to catch someone of wrong doing. There are many different styles of these battery operated SD memory recording cameras. You can get different styles such as a clock, teddy bear, smoke detector, picture frames, watch, pen, glasses, pir motion detector, and many others. Feel free to contact me if you would like pricing on some of this product. As usual you will get a discount by mentioning this article and dasnm.com web site. Some of these products can start as low as $50.00.

I will end this article by saying, make sure you really want to know what is going on if you decide to use these products to catch a spouse or significant other in the act of cheating. It is hard to un-see these things once you have watched it. Plus if you decide to confront them with your findings you will have someone very very upset with you. The good thing is that it is not illegal and can give you a piece of mind. Stay safe out there.


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Mark Nelson

Private Investigator  At Advantage Security Integration in Houston Texas.  My email address is marknelson@asihouston.com for confidential consultation or call  713-490-2020 Main 832-485-4317 Office  Professional background check special for DASNM starting at $25.  Just tell me when you call or email that DASNM sent you.


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