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Answers to my Question “What is a Soul Mate?”



“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and make you look deep inside.”



Your life is a puzzle and a soul mate is the piece to the puzzle that make it all come together. The problem is how do you  know when you found them. Your soul mate may come along in a package that you may not expect ( race, religion, nationality physically, or political views) or your soul mate may come along when you are not looking for one. So how if you  are at a time in your life where you may have given up on trying to find your soul mate or you maybe in another relationship do you know if you found your soul mate that is still a mystery. It’s all about timing.

Source(s):When God Winks on Love by Squire Rushnell



“Your soul mate is the “other you”.  This will be the one you spend the rest of your life loving, and getting to know.  You will still argue and fight, but you will also complete each others sentences and instinctively understand the others feelings.  This is the person you look for all your life, and no matter when you find them, they are always worth the wait.”



You find yourself at some point wanting to be loved, wanting to be cared for. In the back of your mind a dream of happiness with another presents itself.  At some time in your life when your not expecting it you come across a person who just takes your breath away. Your thoughts are swarmed with that of the other person. Family, Friends, and Prayers keep bringing you back to this person. You are at peace, work through problems together, understand each other and stay faithful to the promises you made to each other.  YOU WILL JUST KNOW DEEP IN YOUR HEART THAT YOU FOUND YOUR SOUL MATE!

Source(s): From my life with my soul mate, MY WIFE!




Soul Mate is an ancient concept. One period of a soul life, male and female souls were joined together.  For reasons unknown they was split in half.  Now females and males souls roam the earth searching for their missing half, to be complete again.  When a soul meet it other half it knows that it have found it missing half.  This is translated to intense joy and feelings.  Like true love at first sight.
A soul mate is the one with whom you feel an affinity to.  Your heart will tell you that this man, or this woman, is the one with whom you feel most complete with, the one you feel bonded to. This may happen immediately, or it may be a gradually realized thing(even ‘love at first sight’ needs to be worked on, to make it stronger and truer). Should mates are not a substitute for working with your own self to fill in what gaps you feel might need filling.  They occur most when you know yourself, and find someone to complement(not finish) who you are.  A soul mate is someone who accepts you as you are, loves you as you are, and doesn’t try to change you.   He/she grows with you, and changes with you as the years pass and life’s changes come–as they will.

Source(s):  Personal experience, and conjecture combined.




The definition of a “soul mate”: One of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity. Noun 1. soul mate – someone for whom you have a deep affinity. lover – a person who loves or is loved.
Compatible in three areas: Disposition, point of view and sensitivity.
I had thought in several serious relationships I found myself a part of when I was younger to be “the one” or my “soul mate”. Those relationships ended painfully leaving me to ask myself “what went wrong”?  As I focused more on being true to myself instead of being something I wasn’t, a greater peace came over me that someday, if, it was meant to be, that I would become involved in a relationship with someone who had those very important compatible qualities as in the definition. I promised myself not to compromise the wisdom that had changed me from the inside out, just to be in a relationship for the sake of not being alone or whatever excuse I could talk myself into to be a part of a “couple”.  It took three years before being blessed with the compatibility I knew existed. Both my Husband and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we we’re meant to be together. It was as if some cosmic alignment had taken place in the Heavens! I could go into detail, but the bottom line is that we blend together in mind, body, and spirit which is an extension of disposition, point of view and sensitivity. During the time I was waiting, I found myself asking older couples, 60-80yrs. old, that had been married many years, how they met, how soon after did they become engaged, and how did they know for sure they had met “the one”.  The answers varied slightly, but what remained constant in their answers was this. They all said that they were compatible. That the other person complemented them on a deeper level than they had ever expierienced. Most of those couples had a very brief courting period and engagement. Marriage happened between 3 to 6 months of their first meeting!
When you know deep within the very essence of your being, there is no waiting period, you seal the friendship with the ultimate outshowing of love, you marry. From our very first date to the date my Husband proposed it was three months. From the date of proposal to our Wedding day it was eight months. Was it enough time to get to know each other? Did we move too quickly? No.
There is something greater in the Universe than most of us are willing to admit. And to some of us who have been “believing” in it, well, it appears, and it engulfs us beyond all description and it kindly allows us to take another person by the hand and heart and walk into a new sunrise!

Source(s):My advice: Be patient, don’t Compromise, and Believe.



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