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Beware of Scammers


There are so many out there that have fallen victim to someone who has came into their lives and have tried to rob them of everything, they try to control every ounce of you. I am living proof of how someone got taken by a  Scammer. You never think or expect yourself to fall victim to one of these ,but believe it or not it does happen to us especially when your at a low point in your life.

Here are a few signs of what to look for in a Scammer:

  1. Very Charming and extremely loving
  2. Unemployed (but not always)
  3. Become controlling after awhile
  4. They start to ask for small amounts of money -next thing you know its large amounts
  5. Also have others on the side cheating
  6. Try to isolate you from your family and friends
  7. Verbally abusive
  8. If they make threats against you

These are just a few signs always to be aware of  and pay close attention to their behaviors and if your uncomfortable with things don’t do it and best thing to do for yourself  is  to stay away from that person and if things get really bad report things to the proper authorities.







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