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Date SAFE Not Sorry! The Dangerous Game of Dating Someone You Don’t Know




Here are the statistics of online dating:
1. In the past decade rate of growth on online dating sites is 154%

2. Out of the total above 45 years of age, 40% are single.

3. According to recent surveys 280,000 get married each year.

4. In America, 58% of women and 48% percent of men use online dating

(Information gathered at http://www.buzzle.com/articles/online-dating-statistics.html)

I am a Private Investigator, and I deal with these situations every day. Here is some information below that might be helpful to you.

The problem that lies within this is that when you are playing the dating game you are also playing Russian roulette. It isn’t just for online dating, even if you knew the person years ago. You may not know what they have been up to the last few years and how life may have changed them.

There are so many predators in our world today, from sexual predators, child abduction, human trafficking, rapist, and murderers. This is not the time to completely open yourself up, to this type of situation.

This article is written for Women and Men alike. Consider this and you have heard these stories before.

You are a professional woman; you have worked hard and have a fantastic job that pays a good wage.

You go out with the girls at a nice place to celebrate Friday, a very handsome man comes up to you and asks to buy you a drink. You have never seen this man before in your life. Has he seen you? Chances are he has. He knows where you work, what you drive, and where you hang out. He has been in the back ground for a while. However, you do not know this. He is good looking, charming, and gives you his number. Will you call? There is a 50/50 chance you will. What happens in the future if you do is that he tells you he lost money in the market or some business deal and he is a little under financed right now. RED FLAG! He might tell you he is coming off a recent divorce, and she took everything and got him fired from his job. RED FLAG! He might go so far to say that he has just buried a relative and used all of his money to put Mom in the ground. This man is going to con you out of money! He will start with the “Hey I would love to get together with you, but I am strapped for cash.” You say no worries I will buy.

I can go on and on about that situation but here are the things to ask yourself.

1. Does he ask a lot of questions about where I work?

2. Does he take a lot of interest in my car?

3. Does he seem always dressed for success, but yet never has a dime?

4. Does he drive a high dollar import that you only see every now and then?

5. Are there only certain times you can see him?

If you can answer yes to any of this or you have seen these red flags; then you need to ask yourself if a background check is warranted. When you start dating a complete stranger and things seem to go well you should ask yourself…. How well do I know this person? It is not a statement of untrustworthiness it is peace of mind for you, your children, your bank account, and your personal well-being.

How many of us would really like to date a sexual predator, child molester, rapist, convict, murderer, or con artist? None of us!

Back ground checks are easy and cost effective for your peace of mind. It will give you, recent jobs, recent address, recent marriages, and criminal record. For a full comprehensive report, it will tell you everything about this person ever. Date SAFE Not Sorry!

Above Image courtesy of jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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