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Prison Tattoos



I am very fortunate to have a friend that is a deputy at the sheriff department. When I started in my new dating life Mark stressed safety. One afternoon he sat me down and gave me a crash course on what to look for if I see someone with a tattoo. Prison tattoos represent a controversial subculture of the tattoo community. Many times they are crude in technique, but as Mark believes there may be no style tattoo that is as full of symbolism and meaning. Very often Mark will identify gang members by their tattoos and segregate them.

SlamPony-PrisonStyleGetting tattoos while serving time in the penitentiary has always been a big part of prison culture. Today prison tattoos are usually used by inmates to identify themselves many times by their name or their CDC#, or prison ID. Offenders get tattoos for a variety of reasons. Some choose to as a way of expressing racial pride, gang affiliation while others do it as a way of repelling bullies or sexual predators.

Some are done in the old-school way with simple ink and needle while most are done with the use of a motor, pen ink in a sort of makeshift prison tattoo machine. The ink is usually one color black or blue. It may turn to purple according to the sun and the skin pigment, but it usually starts out black or blue. Most often but not always these tattoos are a bit crude sloppy and very noticeable. Nothing like the quality or colors you see at a tattoo parlor.

Let’s talk about the three things the ink tells you. First of all, who they are and possibly a loved ones name may help ID them. Second, what they have done, and it may relate to their crimes. For example if they have a gun tattoo and it is pictured from the side this means they carry a gun. If the weapon is pointed outward, this means they are a shooter. Lastly, what prisons they have called home. Very often they these will be landmarks. Sometimes even walls, gun towers, cell doors or windows… Remember to take your time and read the ink like a book. From left to right and from up to down, take your time and look at them carefully there are stories within stories.

If you think your date has a prison tattoo, and they have never told you they were in jail. I would advise to slow things down and do a background check before you even think about seeing them again.

This may be something you never thought you needed to know about. Now that, you are in the dating world, you need to be able recognize things that people may be withholding from you. We all have baggage from our past, but if someone has served time in prison that would be something I personally would be afraid of.


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  1. Thanks for the information on this subject I never thought to look that close at tattoos. Dating after divorce and especially online dating after divorce and be very challenging.
    Finding love after divorce is just a plain challenge and your dating advice after divorce is very helpful

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