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Talk and Get to Know Who You’re Dating

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Take time and talk get to know who you’re dating.  Make sure you’re getting to know important details of each other’s lives and date intentionally. Here are things to ask and or discuss with them. Finding out someone is not a good match for you is better earlier than later.

1.Discuss your beliefs, both those from childhood and any current beliefs.

2.Talking about upbringing can reveal a lot about how your date sees the world and what he/she believes a healthy relationship looks like.

3.If you’re ready to have sex and your date is waiting for marriage, it will get awkward if you have not discussed the physical aspect of your relationship.

4.After a month or so, sit down to discuss your thoughts on relationships, commitment, and how you’d define where you currently at and where you would like to be in the future.

5.It can be hard to see how someone will handle a disagreement until you’ve had your first fight. Discussing previous conflicts can help both of you understand how each of you will deal with conflict.

6.What does your date love to do the most? Can you share this activity and can they share yours?

7.Make sure that you really get to know your date’s friends. People really are a reflection of the company they keep.

8.What does your date do on the nights you’re not together? Their social life when you are not around really is a clue to how they are as a person.

9.Is your date a spender or a saver? As many of you know, money and sex are two driving forces behind divorce. Be transparent about your own spending habits and talk about how you each handle money.

10.Are you heading in the same direction as far as your dreams and goals? Where do you each view yourselves in 5, 10, or more years? Sharing dreams and goals can better help you assess if you and your partner can thrive in a relationship.

If you can think of anything else let me know. Remember I am still a work in progress!


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