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Why Men (or Women) Don’t Approach You




This list was created for many common mistakes people make at clubs. Unless you work there, being at a club or bar, you will find only about 5% of the time a person could approach you. The other 95% is everywhere else in your life. Try to incorporate these ideas into your everyday life, you will be surprised how many new people you meet.

Surrounded by people of your same sex: This is the most common reason I have heard from men as to why they don’t approach women in bars or clubs. Most women tell me; they are shy to go up to a group of men. Make sure to break away from the group every thirty minutes or so. Go to the restroom or go to the bar to order a drink alone. Most men/woman do not want to go up to a group of other men/women. When you are doing your solo time, don’t walk too fast and give him/her a chance to approach in a natural fashion.

Surrounded by people of the opposite sex: Men or women have no way of knowing what your relationship is with the people in your group. You have already been tainted by the other people’s presence. If you are with a group of people, make sure to distance yourself from the other men/women every thirty minutes or so and don’t sit or stand next to just one of them. This gives others the impression you are with that person.

Wrong clothes: Women tend to dress for the approval of other women. Don’t look sloppy or too trendy because this seems to dumbfound men. When you wear clothes that are too sexy you will probably get approached, but it will be for the wrong reasons. Men have your clothes clean and if needed ironed. Women do notice these things!

Not looking happy: If you tend to frown or make other faces that say, “I really don’t want to be here” you are turning men/women away whether you know it or not. Smiling and eye contact is inviting but looking like you’re too good for everyone else does the opposite. Try to show a positive attitude and more people will approach.

You are too busy: We all have cell phone, and gotten to the point where we never have to be idle. A man or woman is not going to approach if you are busy texting or buried in a book.

A ring on your finger: If you have any type of ring on your left hand anywhere a man/woman will view that as you are attached in some way. They do not take the time to see what type of ring it is.

We are in a new century; there is nothing wrong with smiling at someone and saying “Hello.” I have found this to be the best icebreaker and can lead to meeting someone. People view you as a friendly, nice, approachable person. A man or woman may give you their phone number when you least expect it. The oddest meeting for me was when I had a car accident. On the back of the information card where my car was being towed, the police officer wrote down his phone number and the words “I’m single.” Most times just being the best that you can be attracts the opposite sex when you least expect it.


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  1. Very good points For finding a relationship after divorce! Love your dating advice after divorce and dating after divorce with kids

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