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Your Ex is History Don’t Bring Them on Your Date!


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Your Ex is history so don’t bring them on your date!

Regardless of how much effort we may make toward leaving our past in our past, we are haunted because of it. We have been troubled by an affair our ex had, or we have been frightened of the raised voice that accompanied a meltdown that lead to physical or verbal abuse.

Without realizing it, many individuals develop an inclination to hightail it away from people who even just in the slightest way remind them of their ex-spouse. This is simply not the best way to react when you go out trying to find a new healthy relationship. If you end a relationship, take the time to see if this could have been one of the factors. If so, you may have a little more healing to do. Just because a person is a vegetarian, does not mean they are just like your ex.

Marni Battista, author of “The Three ‘Musts’ For Becoming Relationship-Ready”, offers an incredibly good signal you are ready to consider another romantic relationships is whenever you realize that you can talk about your ex and it doesn’t involve referring to him or her in a negative way.

While on your date, be observant and sensitive, many divorced people are more fragile than they look. Their relationships ended for a reason, and it is possible that it ended very badly. While you may be just joking with regards to a topic, watch for signals to stop. You may not know this individual well and despite what everyone says all of us have baggage if we are alive and divorced! It is simply a fact of being divorced or living life for that matter. Watch closely for their reactions simply because you might mention an issue that is funny to you personally but might remind your date of some very bad memories.

Don’t talk about your ex on dates unless your date inquires or it really is absolutely necessary. If you must discuss them, avoid negative comments. It is advisable to eliminate negativity from your life entirely and concentrate on getting it right the next time around. Under no circumstances refer to your ex as the “love of your life.” If you do, I am sure the date will end in a very short time. If you were married for a long period of time, and while talking about your life, you may find yourself talking about your ex. When referring to your past instead of saying “When we went to the Grand Canyon” say “When I went to the Grand Canyon” It is actually difficult to eradicate your ex out of your life nevertheless; you don’t want your date thinking the remainder of their dating time together with you is going to be discovering everything you did with your ex. Another reason never to mention your ex is, sometime you may well be saying points that you didn’t like about your ex and your date could be thinking, “but I enjoy doing that therefore we could not be a couple.” People often tell me they always hated doing a certain activity with their ex, however, these days it is among the favorite activities they enjoy sharing with their new partner. Possibly, it was the ex-factor being mixed into the activity which they didn’t like not the experience.



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